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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Out for a Ride

Just off the trail west of Tortugas Mountain
It was warm enough this morning to force me to remove my warm-up jacket before we'd done a quarter of the hike; and even though I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt I never felt the least bit chilly.  We're headed for a high near 80F, which is about fifteen or sixteen degrees above normal for this time of year.  I saw on the five-day forecast, though, that we've got a cold front coming in early next week.  I can't wait--not because I want cold weather, but I don't want to rush headlong into spring and summer.
One way up the mountain

Following the trail that leads to the foothills

Something on fire in the Mesilla Valley

In the high foothills

Back down in the lower desert

The old observatory atop Tortugas Mountain

Texting on horseback

Typical Chihuahuan Desert flora

Two jackrabbits playing tag

Another way up the mountain

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Dr. K said...

"Texting on horseback"--now I've seen it all.

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