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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Little Bushwhacking

House-sized boulders
At the midpoint of our trek this morning Dr. K, Becca and I did a little bushwhacking through an interesting, rugged section of Chihuahuan Desert.  We got back onto the trail after about twenty minutes, though, in order to complete the second half of a very long hike.  The weather was beautiful--with the exception of a rather stiff breeze that shaded into a wind at times--and we didn't really begin to feel a tad overheated until we'd nearly finished our journey.  We're supposed to reach 77F (25C) today.  Can you imagine that:  77 degrees on February 14th--Valentine's Day?
Rocks behind Tortugas Mountain

Sun through gauzy clouds

Becca doing Yoga

Trail around the southside

Cacti and yucca on a hill behind the mountain

Ocotillo skeletons

A large Torrey Yucca

Making a beeline across the sky

One way to the Organ Mountains

Clouds and smudgy contrails


Dr. K said...

There were an unusually large number of contrails in the sky this morning. I wonder why.

packrat said...

Unusually large number of jets? :)

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