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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Abbreviated Late Hike

This and the next 3:  favorite sandy spot
Because of an early morning doctor's appointment I wasn't able to get on the trail until after 11; just as I started off I ran into my pal Jimmy who was just finishing up.  We talked for a short while.  I started my trek at 11:15 and ended just before noon.

Even though the sun shone brightly I wore my Marmot PreCip jacket because of a stiff breeze.  About midway through I had to zip down the armpit zippers to stay cool.  Worked perfectly.

There were other hikers on and about the mountain, but I ran into only one guy when I was almost done.  He was wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.  It had warmed up that much in a short period of time.  On our way to 60F today.


Tortugas Mountain Observatory

West side of the mountain

North flank of Tortugas with the Organs peeking above

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Dr. K said...

I like "Polehenge."

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